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Industrial Electrician
Perth, WA

The unsung heroes of the contemporary industrial world are industrial electricians. They are crucial to the continued safety and efficiency of industrial activities and are essential to the effective and efficient functioning of all types of enterprises and industries.

How We Can Help

Coastal Electrics can manage a variety of electrical requirements for industrial clients as industrial electricians in Perth. A range of industries can benefit from the installation, maintenance, and repairs that our team of skilled and knowledgeable industrial electrical contractors can offer. 


In addition, for new buildings or remodelling projects, Coastal Electrics can provide help with the design and execution of electrical systems. We also ensure our work is productive, efficient, and in compliance with industry norms and laws by using the most recent technology and machinery.

The Differences Between Industrial and Commercial Electricians

Although both industrial and commercial electricians work with electrical systems, their scopes of work and levels of complexity vary: 


Commercial electricians often do their job in structures like offices, shops, and dining establishments. Electrical systems, including lights, heating and cooling units, and power outlets, are among the things they install, maintain, and repair.


On the other hand, industrial electricians operate in commercial buildings like factories, power plants, and storage facilities. We use more advanced and specialised electrical equipment, like high-voltage systems, generators, and motors, in our line of work. Additionally, our industrial electricians are involved in the setup and upkeep of electrical control systems that govern and manage the operation of industrial machinery.

Benefits of Hiring an Industrial Electrician in Perth, WA

Increased Safety

Industrial electricians are knowledgeable and skilled in handling intricate electrical systems. We ensure that all installations and repairs are carried out quickly and safely.

Reduced Downtime

Downtime can cause big losses in enterprises and industries. Our industrial electricians in Perth do routine maintenance, spot problems early, and address them quickly, which can assist in decreasing downtime.

Compliance With Regulations

Industrial electricians make sure that all electrical installations and maintenance follow all rules and regulations set forth by the industry. We guarantee that firms and sectors will continue to comply with electrical rules in Perth and stay out of trouble.


Cost Savings

In the long term, hiring an industrial electrician can help businesses save money by avoiding costly downtime, lowering energy usage with more effective electrical systems, and spotting and fixing problems before they worsen.

Why Choose Coastal Electrics?

We are trusted electrical contractors known for our exceptional service in the industrial, commercial, mining, and resource sectors throughout Western Australia. With a diverse and skilled team, a modern fleet of vehicles, and specialised equipment, Coastal Electrics provides customised services to meet each client's unique needs. 


We collaborate with our clients, from project planning to execution, to ensure maximum satisfaction. Our team also fosters a culture of innovation, encouraging staff to leverage their technical expertise, think creatively, and explore all options to achieve the best possible results for every project. Contact us today to get started.

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